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Destroy all monster

sheila destroy all monster

Destroy All Monsters - Techno with a code (DAMN!)


Four + masked techno ronins from Berlin and Shanghai who vowed to destroy the monsters of late electronic music’s uniformity, opportunism, neurotic fixation on ‘big names’ and mainstream ‘success’ (SFX down, SoundCloud Go next to go). Hence, Destroy All Monsters, the label was born. The founding members share many years of diverse (electronic) music backgrounds, some of them made a name for themselves in underground circles, some are semi glorious, some unknown - but here, they are nothing but determined men (and soon women) dealing with their artistic and other demons. Performing as DJs, DJ duo, and live-acts with various objects and singleminded thoroughgoingness. 


The label is cut out as an outlet for what the founders believe contemporary Techno should sound like, weird, rather interesting, open for influences from other genres, unforeseeable at times, not repeating the known formulas or, using them in another context. Simply moving too fast to be put in a gift box by that ambitious enemy called commercialisation who may suffer many surprising destructions. Fuck neoliberalism and its mindset!

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